Vesna Milicevic lives and works in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1998 where she also received her MA. She has held six solo shows and taken part in numerous group exhibitions internationaly including: 'Paranoia’, The Freud Museum, London, 2007; ‘FemFest’, SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 2006; ‘VideoMedeja’, 10th International Video Festival, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia 2006; ‘Conspiracy’ - prog:ME - Centro Cultural Telemar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2005…

As an interdisciplinary artist, her recent work investigates the relationship between intimate and social facts, as well as questioning national and personal identity and the paradox of contemporary living.

A Picture of Orient
, 13 min, 2007, Video still
Courtesy of the artist

Two individuals are sitting on an oriental rug and presenting their views of Orient. At the same time, they are also expressing their own stereotypes, thus creating yet another picture in the gallery of distorted perceptions of 'Orient', Balkans and the Western world.