The speech bubbles on the right hand side of the site are generated by grammatical characteristics of the the text on the left hand side.


sentence .
comma ,
quotation marks" "
exclamation mark!
empty line
dash -
brackets ( )
end of speech bubble

excerpt from 'A design concept'
by Roel Wouters, Jonathan Puckey and Luna Maurer

Talking about, and expressing opinions on the Middle East is a difficult and touchy subject. There is the potential for many misunderstandings. People can get hurt. In the recent elections in the Netherlands the issue of freedom of speech was reconsidered. Is one allowed to say what one wishes, even if it might be labeled discriminatory by others? [...]

The design is based on analyses of all the texts and interviews with the artists. However the parameters for the graphics have been based not on WHAT is said, but on HOW things are said, by focusing on the uses of language, punctuation, grammar and other characteristics of communication. By doing this communication is visualised without commenting on its contents. [...]