Lives and works in London. He is an interdisciplinary artist, working with video, film, photography and paint. Blake graduated from Manchester Anatomy and Psychology BSc. His work has been shown internationally in various solo and group exhibitions.

Blake explores and documents changes in the emotional zeitgeist concentrating on the politics of global dominance, globalisation, and world order, he looks at the mechanisms used to achieve power and control it's effects on ethnic groups, radicalization and cultural identity. Blake explores these issues through the informed and involved, from retired gangsters to the founding member of the Bilderberg Group to Renegade MP George Galloway.

Gorgeous George
, 10.20 min, 2005, video still
Courtesy of the artist

Bête noir of the right-wing tabloids, George Galloway is one of the most iconoclastic figures in public life today. He's been threatened, smeared and branded a traitor for his stand against the war in Iraq, yet refuses to be gagged and remains a fearless activist for peace and social justice worldwide. Described as the most dangerous politician in the UK he has been associated with fighting Muslim causes around the globe, from meeting Sadam Hussein to taking on the USA sennett, he's always high profile, controversial and passionate in his beliefs.
In this film George talks about the most dangerous world leaders he's met, the reordering of the world though military power and the devastation this causes at home and away.