The artist lives and works in Palestine. Shadi Habib Allah is an emerging artist based in Ramallah, Palestine. His practice incorporates installation, sculpture, video and animation. In his work Shadi investigates the human condition and plays on various themes that highlight man's deficiency in today's modern life. In 2004 and 2006, Habib was the 2nd prizewinner in the Hassan Hourani competition/ award, and has exhibited in Ramallah and Italy during a residency program at Cittadelarte, Fondozione Pistoletto. He has recently been part of ArtSchool Palestine programme through Gasworks, London.

Shadi Habib Allah
On-Going Tale
, 5:03 min, video animation still
Courtesy of the artist

The incidents are derived from stereotypes of pre-historic characters. The video highlights one of the relations that co-exist with and define man in general. A theme that usually challenges our existence and power, such as fear. The work acts more as an index than a narrative.