Oreet Ashery is a London based, context responsive artist working with live and performance art, video, 2-D image making, objects, text, research and the Internet.

Ashery's work considers cultural and personal politics and their complex relationship to social realities. The experimental and conceptual aspects of the practice operate on the axis between every-day life and art.
Ashery's work has been shown extensively in the UK and internationally in museums, galleries, art centers, performance spaces, cinemas, and site-specific locations. Most recently: Brooklyn Museum (NYC), Freud Museum (London) Tate Modern (London), ICA, (London), De-Balie ( Amsterdam), OK Centre for Contemporary Art (Linz), Foxy Production (NYC), Arnolfini (Bristol), Liverpool Biennial, Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana), Kontejner (Zagreb), KKV (Oslo), FABO (Toronto), Galeria de Arte Mexicano (Mexico City), Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Centre of Attention (London), Khoj, (Delhi)…

Ashery's work has been reviewed in various publications including: Bidoun, Frieze, Contemporary, Time Out, the Village Voice, Circa, Flash Art, Dazed & Confused, Heeb, Sleezenation. Books include: 'Art Tomorrow' and 'Art in the Age of Terrorism', and 'Blasphemy'.
Ashery has been working as an educationalist for many years including: lecturing, mentoring, educational work in prisons and public art projects in public housing.

Recently she received a prestigious AHRC project award, commencing in October 2007 at the Drama and English Department at Queen Mary University of London.


Guardian of the City I

photographic image, 2007
Courtesy of the artist