Mania Akbari began her art career as a painter in 1991, participating in several group exhibitions in Iran and abroad, followed by several solo exhibitions.

She worked with Iranian Independent Films as a director of photography and then as an assistant director on documentaries.

In 2002, Mania acted the main role in Abbas Kiarostami's 'Ten' and in 2003 she co-directed a one-hour documentary called 'Crystal'. Her '6 Video Arts' collection began in 2003 when she wrote, acted and directed 'Self, Repression', 'Sin' and 'Escape'. The other two videos from this collection, 'Fear' and 'Devastation' were made in 2005 when Mania made her directorial debut, '20 Fingers', also written and acted by herself. The film won the prize for best film and best director in the digital cinema competition at Venice Film Festival, 2004.

In the following year the '6 Video Arts' collection was shown at Locarno Film Festival. In 2006, Mania made the sequel to Kiarostami's 'Ten' called '10 + 4' referring to the 4 years time that had passed between the two films. She also acted in the film. Mania wrote, directed and acted in her two new videos, 'Humiliation' and 'Erosion', in 2007. She lives and works in Iran. For further information about the artist please visit:

, 5:58 min, 2003, video still
Courtesy of the artist

The work represents the thin drawing line between Painting and Cinema. In this specific area, one can experience smoothly and slowly those tortuous and crooked paths followed by the unconsciousness: a path that is usually not an easy one to reach.

The artist uses the tools of movement, rhythm, color, music, sound and words to express her dreams, nightmares, concerns and illusions, and as such reach to her unconsciousness and those untouched spaces of her mind.