Hisham Jaber lives and works in Beirut. He has a diploma in dramatic arts from The Lebanese University of Fine Arts.

He has written and directed four plays "Cola, Barbir, Mathaf, Dawra" in 2002, "Solo or Solo" in 2003, "Arabic Bread" and "The Death of Najib Brax" in 2005.

He has also written and directed a short film "A Hit" in 2002, and made three videos "Live", "Breaking News" and "From the Beginning". His short story "A Shitty Love Story" has also been published.

Breaking news

08:42 min, 2006, video still
Courtesy of the artist

- In the beginning of war, news occupies your life
- In the middle of war, news becomes your life
- At the end of war, your life might become news