Hilda Hiary was born in 1969 in Jordan where she lives and works. She graduated in 1991 from the University of Jordan with a BA in political science and sociology, and in 2004 with BA in fine arts (graphics) from Al Zaytoonah University. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Jordan and internationally. She has received many awards among others the Honorable Mention Award from the 12th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh, 2006 and the First Biennale Prize for the best installation at 10th Cairo International Biennale, 2006. Hiary is a board member of directors of Jordanian Plastic Art Association. For more information about the artist please visit: www.hildahiary.com

, multi-media installation, 2006
Installation view, courtesy of the artist

Many people have spoken of the philosophy of the circle. Since I was a kid and during my many travels, even here at home I always used to look at the ground more than the sky, watching the dots, holes and lines on the sands and rocks. I also loved playing with ants, touching them with my hands. It was a joy to see all these small round houses they built in the sand.

Through my travels around the world and through my continuous exploration, I’ve always been devoted to exploring all that is new. I started to meditate in addition to my numerous philosophical readings. What always caught my eye was the circle. My lines were forever distorted, never straight. I dug deeper into my thoughts and soul to find all that is around me that takes a circular shape. I realised there is nothing straight about our existences. I attempted to draw the whole universe on a canvas, varying from human interactions to daily dilemmas and conflicts that formulate our lives. Then I examined what was in front of me. The beginning of our creation was a spot. All our lives are actually circular routs that revolve and drive us to think that we will actually find something, or reach something on the top, such as high political positions or social or what ever it is. The truth is that we will find the nothingness! Because we start from that dot and come back to were we started (the ground).

As an Arab Jordanian artist, while in my studio, stroking a brush with all those magnificent colors, I tend to forget all differences, places and dimensions. I belong in my studio and my work is art! It has no boundaries nor follows any particular school. I depict my inner self, my thoughts and my convictions. Of course I am influenced a lot by all that goes on around me, just like any other human being in my society and especially in the Middle East. I do wish to change many things around me, and I hope for a different, happier world. I do have a conviction that an artist can bring a lot of changes if he or she is vigilant and has faith and truthfulness in carrying their massage and philosophy into their art and hence forth to others.