Hassan Choubassi is a visual artist, graduated from DasArts (de Amsterdamse School / Advanced Research in Theatre Studies) in Amsterdam 2005, and from the Lebanese American University in Beirut 1996.

His work has been exhibited in Lebanon, Egypt, the Netherlands and Belgium.

His installation projects including 'Oeuvres Bacchiques' 2000, 'Barcode' 2001, 'Written Visuals' 2002, 'I am not the others' 2003, 'I am elsewhere' and 'Lost in the city' 2004 had been presented in Beirut, Cairo and Amsterdam.
His video works: 'In the void', 'Freefall at 180'. 'The other Orange' 2005, 'Well and surviving' 2006 were presented in Amsterdam and Utrecht.


Beirut Metro Map, 2005
By creating a map for a series of virtual metro lines, 'Beirut Metro Map' adds another implicit layer to the psychological and physical labyrinth of Beirut. It focuses on the ever-present demarcation lines that split the city during the long period of the civil war and explores the relationship between those demarcation lines and the city's post-war social environment. The circulation flow seems totally irrelevant to the city's current geographical urban structure yet it reflects a sudden and abrupt mobility due to the mass behavioural patterns of Beirut's inhabitants.