Enas Muthafar lives and works in Jerusalem.

The artist graduated from The Higher Institute of Cinema in Cairo, Egypt, with a BA in film directing and later obtained her MA in Feature Film from Goldsmiths College of Art in London. Muthaffar has worked as an assistant director and script supervisor on several Palestinian film productions, mainly: 'Paradise Now', 'Be Quiet' and 'Rana's Wedding'. She has made several short drama & documentary films, and is currently preparing to produce her first feature length film: 'Can't be News'.

A World Apart Within 15 minutes

3 min, 2006, video still
Courtesy of the artist

Between Jerusalem and Ramallah, not only is there now a huge existing wall on the ground, but also a non-tangible wall in the people’s minds. It is only a short drive between those two cities, yet when those living in Jerusalem were asked whether they knew the way to Ramallah, none of them could answer. To them, Ramallah sounds far, seems far. It is a world apart within 15 minutes.