Avi Mograbi is a filmmaker and video artist living and working in Tel Aviv. He is the director of: Mrs. Goldstein, 2006; Avenge but one of my two eyes, 2005, Cannes Film Festival; Detail, 2004, Berlin Film Festival; August, 2002, Berlin Film Festival; Wait, it’s the soldiers, I'll hang up now, 2002; At the back, 2000; Will you please stop bothering me and my family, 2000; Relief, 1999, Happy Birthday Mr. Mograbi, 1999, Berlin Film Festival; How I learned to overcome my fear and love Arik Sharon, 1997, Berlin Film Festival; The reconstruction, 1994; Deportation, 1989.

, 1999, video installation
Courtesy of the artist

A highly charged conflict between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian demonstrators reflects the larger tensions between the nations.