Ali Cherri is a graduate in Graphic Design from the American University in Beirut (2000). In parallel to his design work, he designed the stage set for "The Anthem" by Gabriel Yamine, "10/20 Irrelevant", a performance by Abla Khoury (presented at the DisORIENTation in Berlin, 2003) and "Biokhraphia" by Rabih Mroué and Lina Saneh (2002).

Ali completed his Masters Degree in Performing Arts at DasArts (Amsterdam), where he presented "As Dead as Ever" (lecture/performance, 2002) and RedRum (video installation with Guy Amitai, 2003) and the video "Un Cercle Autour du Soleil"(2005) (Awarded FAAP digital arts award at VideoBrazil, Sao Paulo - Brazil).

He has presented "Give me a body then" (performance, 2005) as part of Diskurs 05 - European festival for young performing arts, Giessen - Germany. (October 2005) and Home Works III - a forum on cultural practices, Beirut (2005). He collaborated with Rabih Mroué on the installation entitled "I Feel A Great Desire To Meet The Masses Once Again" as part of « Hadith » exhibition at gallery Sfeir-Semmler, Beirut (2006).

(A Circle Round The Sun)

14:00 min, 2005
Courtesy of the artist

"I was disappointed the day they announced the war had ended. I used to be elated by the idea of living in a city that was eating itself, like excess stomach fluid that digests and gradually eats away the stomach."

How to live in Beirut, a city that is always already in ruin?