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لڑکیوں کے مشہور نام اور انکے معنی

Popular names for girls in 2020 - Famous Islamic names for Muslim girls and their Urdu meanings. Best Girls names and Famous name meaning in Urdu for baby girls.

2020 Popular and Famous Baby Girl Names and Meanings

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For my little munchkin, I have found a popular name: Ghazzal here. Will it suit her?

By: Akif Ilyas on 17-07-2019

My daughter's name is Damamah, I found it on this page. This page has amazing Girls popular Islamic names. 

By: Sehrish Ehtasham on 13-07-2019

I have found a really lovely Islamic name for my daughter. Its suits my baby girl alot. 

By: Zareen Sheikh on 13-07-2019

MaSha Allah there are so beautiful Islamic names. They are unique and popular with good meanings. 

By: Alizay Zohaib on 13-07-2019

Girls names are a little tricky. Because they are almost same, Abeera Abeeha, Aimal, Aiman and so on. I wanted to name my daughter with a unique Islamic popular name. This page helped me for that.

By: Mirha Rohail on 13-07-2019

This page all popular Islamic names for baby girls. Our little princesses deserved to be named beautifully. This site is best for it


By: Yusra Siddiqui on 13-07-2019

When it came to naming my niece, we checked this site. It actually has beautiful girls Islamic names with beautiful meanings as well. 

By: Zeeshan on 10-07-2019

I am really conscious about names. It defines your child. So for my daughter I have seen popular Islamic girls names here. I decided on Abeeha and it suits on her alot. 

By: Zohaib Khawaja on 10-07-2019

For fathers, daughters are so special. So I wanted to name my baby girl with a really precious name. This page has many lovely popular girls names. GOOD WORK!

By: Naveed Siddiq on 09-07-2019

Can't decide a popular girl name for my daughter. Suggestions, please!

By: Sania Fahad on 02-07-2019

I was confused among so many names of baby girls. This page helped me choosing one for my little princess!

By: Rahma Sultan on 29-06-2019

Names of children now must be up-to-date. Naming your baby girl like Haseena is a little odd But this page actually have beautiful popular girls names. Found great suggestions here!

By: Raheela Abid on 29-06-2019

Allah has blessed me with a cute baby girl and now my whole family is confused that which name will be suitable for her? I have discovered this page for popular girls names and it has a variety of beautiful girls name. Now I am confused that among all these beautiful names, what name should be given to my princess? laughing


By: Nadia Rehman on 27-06-2019

nice website everyone should use this

By: Uffaq on 31-12-2019

I am confused ver much Please give me suggestions for my cute cousin baby girl By:arfa shabbir

By: Arfa on 24-10-2019