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لڑکوں کے مشہور نام اور انکے معنی

Popular names for boys in 2020 - Famous Islamic names for Muslim boys and their Urdu meanings. Best Boy names and Famous name meaning in Urdu for baby boys.

2020 Popular and Famous Baby Boy Names and Meanings

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Popular Islamic names for your baby boys are difficult to select when you have such a vast range of options like you can found here. Good site. 

By: Faqeer Khan on 23-07-2019

My sister has just given birth a baby boy Alhamdullilah. I need some suggestions for Islamic popular names of boys. 

By: Wardha Zia on 23-07-2019

For my son, I took the recommendations from this page. Nice popular names tho.

By: Sudais Kalia on 19-07-2019

I am a phupho of 5 nephews and we have always taken a suggestion for their names. A nice page for Popular names for baby boys. 

By: Fabiha Khan on 19-07-2019

Popular Boys names are available here. I also search on this page. 

By: Almas Affan on 17-07-2019

There are many names popular nowadays but those names are meaningless. Well for my baby boy I visit this site. UrduPoint is going good!

By: Mubeen ALI on 13-07-2019

I am from Newyork. this page helps alot in naming newborns. I also used this page while naming my baby boy. It has a good collection of Boys Popular Islamic names. 

By: Akbar Butt on 10-07-2019

Boys are mama's prince. My son is my life. So I named him Ahmad, after Allah's beloved prophet. We should choose Islamic names for baby boys. 

By: Fizza Rehmat on 10-07-2019

For my little chipmunk, I have chosen a name from this site. Trust me it has some unique and popular Islamic boys names. 

By: Sadaf Raheel on 09-07-2019

For my boy, I have taken recommendation from this page. Nice names

By: Khalida Ijaz on 09-07-2019

Among all baby names sites, this site has the most reasonable and Islamic names for baby boys. Selected a popular Islamic boys name from this site for my nephew. Thank you. 

By: Minahil Zafar on 09-07-2019

For naming your kids, this page will help you alot. I have found many good suggestions of Islamic names for boys. 

By: Zainab Naz on 02-07-2019

Names must be unique and I think that names with good meaning actually affect the child. For my baby boys, I have selected popular Islamic names from here. They have got amazing suggestions. HAVE A LOOK!

By: Sahiba Murad on 29-06-2019

For the boy's names suggestions, I have always preferred this site. Best site!

By: Nida Ali on 29-06-2019

When my first baby was born, nobody let me name her because everyone was so excited to name our house's first baby. Now I am going to be a father for the second time and I won't let anyone else name my kid. Our baby will most probably be a boy and here on this site, I have seen Islamic popular names that are actually worth considering. Well I guess Zaim is a beautiful name. What do you think?

By: Raheel Khalid on 29-06-2019

What is Arabic meaning of ayisha zanha or ayisha zenha

By: MUHAMMED SHAFI on 02-11-2019

My sister has just given birth a baby boy Alhamdullilah. I need some suggestions for Islamic popular names of boys 3/9/2019

By: Mehboob Shaikh on 06-09-2019

Assalamu with baby Plz suggest m good names

By: Uzma on 01-09-2019

Aoa Can Any body tell the meaning of name " humais,or humes"

By: Sajid on 19-08-2019